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What is Second Life? Destinations; Shopping; Loading. Create Your Own Map Link; About Second Life Maps. Create Your Own Map Link; About Second Life Maps. You can enjoy daily events with free to enter contests and Linden Dollar prizes, live voice chat, a busking area, sandbox, pubs, clubs, concert area, and a large hangout park, where new and older residents mix. For details see London City Second Life.

Photos taken and edited by Leah Patterson

The pandemic has caused many to stay within the comfort of their homes and feeling secluded from the outside world. New York City is known for bustling busy streets with crowds swarming sidewalks and pathways.

Exploring destinations in Second Life, you’ll find New York City listed in the editors’ picks category. When entering the sim, you’ll be met with noises of cars, the sounds of people chattering, and the silent hum of a hectic city. It’s like being in New York City without actually being in New York City. The best part? It’s from the comfort of your computer screen.

The sim’s version of the city isn’t nearly as hectic or crowded, but it adds various details which make you feel as though you’re truly there.

In 2019, I visited New York City for the first time in my life. It was one of those places where my parents always wanted to travel to, but we simply never had the money to do so. I was a bit overwhelmed at first—the sheer sensory overload drove me to instant panic. As I look back on that experience, seeing it within Second Life brought a smile to my face. It was like instantaneous nostalgia during a time that feels as though it were long ago. Perhaps being quarantined does that to people.

Nonetheless, I implore you to visit New York City within Second Life and catch a glimpse of the sheer talent of the residents who put it together. Many residents have already explored and shared their experiences through the sim’s Flickr page.

Second Life has plenty of destinations to travel to—some being educational or inspirational depending on the time of month or season. The destinations guide changes from time to time, however, it is good to keep up-to-date with the latest.

Maya's Architecture presents new collection, 'The Liberty'. Buildings are made in that same style, all with huge precision and details.

With products from this collection you can create beautiful sets of stores, tenements, or city.
All my products are with MOD rights.


Specification :

It's a biggest from the collection. What you can do?

Second life city background

Second Life Syn City

- Store
- House
- Restaurant
- Wedding house etc.

The Liberty City - Mansion contain two levels.

Ethereal City Second Life

---Package include:--- Product dimensions and Land impact----

Second Life Studios Kansas City

Maya's Architecture: The white light - 3 prims
Maya's Architecture: All flowers - 29 prims
Maya's Architecture: Lantern - 4 prims [1 piece]

Second life city

Backdrop City Second Life

105 prims without decorations
Total: 143 prims
Building - 29m x 15m

✖By purchasing this product, you have fully rights to modify it, so it makes that you can rebuild this store with your own idea. Enjoy with this product. I hope than this product will fully satisfy your needs and imagine.


✖You can change this store in your idea and set our decorations anywhere you want.
Rez Box will help you with fast set our building and decorations on right position. It takes a few seconds!

SecondSecond Life City


►Czikitka Resident (CEO)
► All instructions about setting and operation into the package (English)
►Send an IM or a notecard in world for additional support (English,Polish)
► If the Marketplace fails to deliver the item, send an IM inworld with number

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