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  • Welcome to the Second Life pool, the biggest group on Flickr for residents/players of Second Life, the 3D virtual world from Linden Lab. This group is not endorsed or run in any way by Linden Lab. All decisions of the moderators are final.
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Marina Münter’s Non-Perishable, currently at Berg by Nordan Art, has been up for about a week. We have received great feedback and there are some incredible images in our Non-Perishable Flickr group. We will have an informal talk about the exhibit on Sunday, September 10, at 11AM SLT, where Marina will discuss her work and answer questions. We would like for this to be a talk about Non-Perishable specifically, but also about art, virtual and otherwise.

Marina’s Non-Perishable strays from the traditional notion of a virtual art installation. She notes that I realized that I was putting up an exhibition that could have been done in RL and I actually searched for more realistic objects. The immersive experiences I’ve seen in SL tend to be more surrealistic. That is not what I am trying to do with my work. Marina has used objects by established SL content creators for her exhibit and successfully created with these both the inside stories in the five containers as well as the dock-inspired surroundings. She further notes that I’m not there to claim that I am the creator of these objects, I’m there to give them a purpose, insert them into a context. Taking the immersive installation process one step further, Marina invites visitors to take images using their own avatars within one of the five containers. The virtual images by visitor avatars in the containers have become an important extension of the exhibit.


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Come join us if you can on Sunday at Berg by Nordan Art for what promises to be an intriguing art talk. Marina will speak about her work and answer questions and I will moderate, all in voice. We ask that the audience please write their questions in chat and we will answer them in the order in which they are received. See you then!

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Poster created by Marina Münter