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  • Adding someone to your Friends list
  • Partnering
  • Letting friends edit your objects

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There are several ways to add a friend:

  • If you are near the person inworld, just right-click their avatar and select Add Friend.
  • If you are not nearby or if the person is offline, click the People button at the bottom of the Viewer window and select the FRIENDS tab. Then click the + button to open a search window and type in your friend's name.

When you add a friend, the Add Friend window enables you to enter a custom message. Use this space to explain why you would like to be friends, or to remind the person how you know each other.

Once a friendship offer is accepted, your names appear in each other's FRIENDS lists. All friendships are bidirectional, so if you delete a friend, you no longer appear in that friend's list.

How to accept or decline a friendship offer

When another Resident offers friendship to you, a dialog appears in the upper-right corner of your screen. The dialog also appears in the Conversations window as an instant message from the sender.

If you click Accept, your new friend receives an onscreen notification that you accepted the friendship offer.

Click Decline to cancel the offer. The other person receives onscreen notification that you declined the friendship offer.

Friendship etiquette

Completing your profile and reading other Residents' profiles provides ample opportunity for conversation. If you get along well, feel free to offer friendship.

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For unofficial Resident tips about socializing and making friends, see SLetiquette.

Second Life couples can make their relationships official. Whether you're married or just connected, you can designate your partner on your profile inworld and make your relationship visible to the rest of the community.

Note: Creating a partnership costs each partner L$10.

Partnership is a vanity display for social purposes only. Itdoes not alter inworld permissions, group abilities, support benefits, and so forth. For example, if you are on a Premium account and your partner is on a Basic account, he or she does not receive any Premium benefits.

Partnering also does not affect your Second Life username. Nor does it entitle you to share your partner's Second Life account. For more information on our policies regarding sharing accounts, see Permitting Others to Access or Transferring Second Life Accounts.

How to make someone your partner

To make someone your partner, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Partners page.
  2. Enter your Partner's username.
  3. Type in your Proposal to your to-be partner. It can be a love letter, song lyrics, or whatever suits the both of you best.
  4. Click Send Proposal.

Second Life Sl


Your potential partner is notified at the email address linked with their Second Life account. He or she has seven days to accept. Once the proposal is accepted, your names appear in one another's profiles.

The partnership email should be received in seconds. Please check your spam folder and other email filters to make sure it isn't being hidden.

If you receive a partnership request you wish to decline, you can do so on the Partners page.

How to end a partnership

The person who initiates the 'divorce' is charged L$25.

Follow this procedure to dissolve a partnership:

  1. Open the Partners page.
  2. Select 'I, (your name), would like to dissolve my partnership with (your partner's name).'
  3. Click Submit.
    Your partnership is dissolved and your now-ex-partner is notified.

Once you have dissolved a partnership, you can recreate it by following the procedure previously outlined and paying the L$10 again.

Partnership history

Your Viewer profile does not show you the date you started your partnership, so keep your original partnership request (sent via email) if you wish to have a record of the date.

There are two ways to enable a friend to edit your objects in Second Life. This is often referred to as collaborative building or collaborative creation. It's a useful way to let groups of people collaborate on a building project together.

The method you choose depends on whether your collaborator is in a group or whether he or she is your friend.

The group method

To enable a member of a group you are in to edit your objects:

  1. Right-click the object and choose Edit.
    The object editor opens.
  2. Click on the General tab in the editor. If you can't see the tabs, click on More.
  3. Click on the Tool icon to the right of Group and assign the object to the group your friend is in.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the checkbox next to Share.

Any other group members will also be able to edit the object. Group members can only edit objects that are shared with the group.

Note: If you want other group members to be able to take copies of your object, make sure you set the next owner permissions (Copy, Modify, Resell/Give away) appropriately.

The friend method

To enable a friend to edit your objects:

  1. Click in the toolbar.
    The PEOPLE window opens.
  2. Click the FRIENDS tab to open your friends list.
  3. Mouse over your friend's name and click to view your friend's profile.
  4. In the profile page that appears, click and choose Permissions.
  5. Under Allow (friend's name) to: select Edit, delete or take my objects.
  6. Click Save.
Important: Doing this gives your friend the same rights that you have to edit all of your objects. Be careful with this permission!
⚠️ As of January 2021, Friend Permissions has a known technical issue. You can currently set Friend Permissions via the website portal only.

To enable a friend to edit your objects at

  1. Go to in a web browser.
    Log in to your Second Life account, if necessary.
  2. Click the PEOPLE tab to open your friends list.
  3. Locate the friend you'd like to grant permissions to in the list and click the gear icon . Choose Permissions.
  4. Under Allow (friend's name) to: select Edit, delete or take my objects.
  5. Click Save.

A few things to note

There are a few things you should be aware of:

Second Life Slaves

  • Your collaborative partners can only edit objects you've rezzed. Nobody but you will ever have access to your inventory, so if you want someone else to edit an object that you own, you need to rez it inworld first.
  • Your collaborative partners can't edit the next-owner permissions on an object they've been granted access to.
  • It isn't technically possible to link two objects together if they have different owners, even if the owners have given each other edit permissions.
  • Your collaborative partners cannot edit your objects if they have Select Only My Objects enabled under Build > Options in the top menu bar.