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History of Star Wars Roleplay in Second Life

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Mandalorian sects unite to war against the Galactic Dominion

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by Cayce Urriah

The first major Star Wars Roleplay was Korriban, created by the Dark Lords of The Sith, the first Sith group in Second Life. Shortly after, The Jedi Alliance formed the sim New Holstice. In this era, late 2005, combat was fairly primitive. Using lightsabers with push scripts, combat was resolved with whoever pushed their opponent the farthest.

gathering of Mandalorians in the shadows of the Jedi Temple on Ruusan

The first neutral sim where players of all types (not just force users) could play was Dantooine, which came to be in early 2006. Created by Cellmaster Alexander, Revan Muromachi and Veronna Prevost of the Ac’Trayth Jedi order, it was also the birth place and main hub for the SWC (Star Wars community) as it later came to be known as the SWRP.

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Ossus and Naboo came soon after in 2006. Ossus was a Jedi place of learning, where numerous notecards written by Jedi players were stored. Naboo was a roleplaying sim that was also a shopping mall. The first SWRP combat system, RCS, was born on Naboo, and allowed players to fight with definitive outcomes. Then Little Mos Eisley was born, at this time a mainland parcel owned by Helga Eusobeo. The New Order of Jedi (NOJ) were born and moved through several small parcels before creating a large sim, Yavin IV.

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Mid 2006 brought Telos IV, a snowy world under Imperial control. When Telos was destroyed, it became Manaan, which was later destroyed as well. The first major Mandalorian clans came to be in this period: Clan Ordo, Skiratta, Mereel and several others. The first major Hutt cartel under the command of Smookah the Hutt came to prominance in this period.

a pair of Sith engage a pair of Jedi agents attempting to infiltrate Byss

The first Byss came in late 2006, the new home of the Dark Lords of The Sith, and home of 99% of the Sith in this era. Eventuallly the DLoTS moved to a new sim and made Ziost in early 2007, after Byss was sold to a Gor sim.

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Korriban had been abandoned in the distant past, and was remade by Desirae Carter in mid 2007.

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A community named United Galaxies was founded by some old players from the various SWRP communities, and created a Coruscant / Kashyyk dual sim in early 2008. NOJ lost Yavin in a split that created the Kalway Order of Jedi, and moved to the Kashyyk portion of the main UG sim.

In mid 2008, a new combat system named DCS2 was created and spread through numerous sims. Shortly after, the DLoTS recreated their old sim of Byss, with much nicer graphics, and it still stands today.

rogue’s gallery of scum and villainy lurking around Mos Espa

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In late 2008 Malachor V was made and the Trayus Academy was formed, being renown for it’s numerous riddles and traps that one had to pass through to explore it. Korriban was sold off due to disinterest by the owner.

In early 2009 UG fell apart and their sim was sold off. The NOJ moved to a sim called Ruusan that still stands. In this era, the prominent sims were: Ruusan, Byss, Little Mos Eisley, Naboo and Malachor V. Byss and Ruusan had an extended period of war, with the Sith turning Jedi padawans, and Jedi battling Sith on many fronts. Galactic Unity was created, a community with strict, and somewhat questionable standards of roleplay and avatar limitations. Their sims popped up rapidly and became the standard of roleplay for many people. They had Coruscant, Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, and Talus. A website simply refered to as United Mandalorians was created at, serving as a forum and community for Mandalorian roleplayers.

In mid 2009 Little Mos Eisley became the most populous of sims, as many talented roleplayers flocked there to run their smaller groups. The Mandalorians had a war with two factions going for each other’s
jugulars: The United Mandalorians who followed the Traviss cultural beliefs and the Galactic Unity Mandalorians, who were the older Clans from before SWRP became populous, who were atavist fallbacks to the Mandalorian Wars era. The sim Blood Moon was created, and the owner, Gistya made a deal with the owner of United Mandalorians to change the site into, which became a community and resource site for the entire Star Wars Roleplay community.

Late 2009 brought a mass exodus of good roleplayers from Little Mos Eisley, as administrators made their positions clear, that they cared more about making the money that the rent of their parcels brought, than they cared about the storyline.

Sisters of the Imperial Knights fend off the dark on Dromund Kaas

In early 2010 Galactic Unity shed most of it’s sims, and rebuilt Coruscant. Nar Shaddaa became solo, and left the GU storyline. A Kamino sim was created by the Galactic Dominion, who then began to expand to several others. The owner of Byss created a second sim named Dromund Kaas, full of riddles and tests to serve as a fun quest sim for anyone to explore.


Spring 2010 brought the death of Galactic Unity, as the sims were sold off and left the Star Wars community. Blood Moon was scrapped as Dangergirl and Gistya created a new Korriban sim, using the genius of their lead builder to create a masterpiece of design. Ruusan was also rebuilt to a new design by an amazing builder.

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Summer 2010 brought something unseen before in SWRP – the Mandalorians came together and the two sects disolved into one behind the new Mandalore the Bloody. The Mandalorians proceeded to go to war against the Galactic Dominion on the planet Nal Hutta, for control of the mines.The GD was sent packing and the Mandalorian forces strip mined the planet and moved on to Mos Espa on the world of Tatooine, where they now reside.