Shall We Chat

admin 11/22/2021

Over the past year, as my kids continue to grow and develop their own “style” (I use that term quite loosely), their clothing choices have become interesting. Well, not so much my son…I mean, he doesn’t give a damn what goes on his body. He truly could not care less, people. So I buy a melange of tees and shorts and crazy patterned socks (these are a favorite) and hope for the best.

(I must note, though, that his combinations are laughable. I mean, how hard is it to pick TWO items that slightly coordinate? Apparently VERY hard for this boy, as he’ll come out of his room in a burgundy t-shirt, bright red shorts, and pink socks. I like to call his look “variations on one color,” coming to a town near you.)

My daughter? The one who is 6 going on 13? Hold me closer, tiny dancer. Long gone are the days when I could dress her in adorable European dresses with leggings and call it a day. (Seriously, how I MISS THESE DAYS.)


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Now? We’re walking through the mall and she wants to go to Justice. OH MY GOD. It’s like she’s magnetically pulled to that storefront by a force that renders her powerless to “peace, love, and besties” tanks adorned with unicorn glitter. She might as well be standing on a conveyor belt catapulting her straight to the cash wrap of the tackiest stores in America. Pass me the smelling salts, please.

In addition to the “style” issue, we have two other major factors that come into play.

1. My kids are growing like weeds.
2. My kids are extremely hard on clothes.

My poor son and his neglectful mama. As I type this post, he just walked into the room wearing shorts that can only be described as “Leiderhosen chic.” THEY ARE SO SHORT AND TIGHT. BUT I JUST BOUGHT THEM LAST MONTH. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?! My mother just pointed out that his toes are practically busting out from his shoes! She just accused me of trying to bind his feet, like the Geishas of yore!

Everything is covered in stains. And too small. And we can’t agree on anything.

Shall We Chat

Shall We Choose Death

Shall We Chat

Shall We Choose Death Analysis

Do you feel me?

Shall We Chat Meaning In Hindi

Well, let me tell you about what we’ve been doing the past few months.

Shall We Chat Movie


It’s the perfect middle ground for all of us. Each month we sit down and pick an outfit or two – my son always goes for simple shorts/pants and graphic tees, and my daughter and I usually spend a few (okay, many) minutes coming to a compromise. (Not gonna lie…there are some shiny fonts and things going on at Fabkids as well. These days, it’s pretty hard to escape entirely unless you’re dropping lots of cash on adorable smaller labels. However, thankfully, there are plenty of items that meet my standards too.)

All our boxes are ticked with Fabkids. Clothing we all can agree on, items that actually fit, AND did I mention totally affordable? Because frankly, besides a few special items in their closets, I’m done with the fancier brands. I was that mom. I AM NOT THAT MOM ANYMORE. They just get trashed, end of story. Oh! And the shoes. Shoes do not last long in our house, and Fabkids has really cute styles that I don’t fret over when they get shredded from scootering around the neighborhood.

Cute, right?

Here are some the combinations we’ve come up with this summer.

His response when I asked him to look pleasant.

So how does Fabkids work?

Easy peasy. $29.95 a month. You pick outfits at the first of the month, unless you don’t want any outfits and just skip the month. (You have until the 5th to skip.)

We’ve really enjoyed it. Maybe you might too? Check out Fabkids here!

* This post was not sponsored, although Fabkids sent me a few outfits to try out.