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Music lovers and Spotify seems to be inseparable. From rock to rap and electronic Spotify hosts more than 40 million songs to choose from. If you are on the free version of Spotify from a long time and thinking of switching to the premium account, then that’s a good decision. But before you get ready with your card, we have some news for you. We have answers to all your question like how much is Spotify Premium? And How to get it?

But we won’t go into the post directly, and begin from the start. So for all those who are new to this platform and have no idea of Spotify then keep reading.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music streaming platform on which you get access to millions of songs, videos and podcasts from performers all over the world, like Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music.

If you wish to access Spotify for free then you just need to sign up with your email address or using your Facebook account. This makes it immediately appealing for all the youth who don’t want to spend some cash. And if you are ready to take on the monthly subscription then you can check out the Premium plans of Spotify. And the best part is if you dip your toe in it, you can take it back any time you want, no commitments at all.

There are some differences between the Spotify free and premium version. For instance, the premium version is ad-free while the free version is supported by ads. Also, you can access the free version on PC, laptop and even your mobile phones. Apart from this, there are many more differences that you will get to know in our article. So let’s get started with the two Spotify versions.

How Much is Spotify Premium? How to Get it?

The pricing of Spotify Premium varies for students and family. So if we talk in general a monthly subscription of Spotify costs you about $9.99, whereas the Student plan costs $4.99 and the family plan is priced at $14.99.

These were the basic information regarding the pricing plan, but let’s have a deep look at the four tiers of Spotify account and what benefits it offers. This will surely help you decide if subscribing to the Premium account is worthy or not.

Spotify Free Tier

The Spotify free tier offers its services for free. Yes, you don’t have to spend a single penny but your time. Because the free version of Spotify comes with certain restrictions that might eat up your time.

You can download the Spotify app on your smartphone or desktop and start streaming from the list of songs that the platform hosts. There is no restriction of choosing songs as it offers the complete list of 40 million songs, except the recent releases which too you can stream but after two weeks. You can listen to your favourite artists from around the globe for your entire life for free.

Price Of Spotify Premium

But there has to be some restriction. You need to make some sacrifices to enjoy such services for free. Firstly, after every 15 minutes, you will have to listen to an Ad. And you can skip only six times in an hour, plus you won’t get access to the radio stations and the curated playlists.

Secondly, while you are streaming songs, you do not get the option of choosing your songs. You can only shuffle play. And it also restrains you from listening to music offline.

But if you are ready to pay and have the best music experience, then you can switch to the Premium account of Spotify. So let’s get started.

Spotify Premium

An individual, typical Spotify Premium account is priced at $9.99 a month. You can get your subscription and enjoy a listening experience which is completely ad-free, and gives you the option of selecting songs that you like. You can also download tracks and listen to them whenever you want. Apart from offline listening you get audio streams of high quality and skip endless songs.

Spotify premium 2020 wrapped

A Spotify Premium account promises freedom to listen to your kind of music, wherever and whenever you want. In addition, you also get access to lists curated just for you, radio stations and podcasts. And you don’t even have to hope that the next song is of your type because there is no more shuffling. Yes, with the Premium account on Spotify you have the complete power to jam to your taste.

Spotify Premium 2020

With Spotify Premium you also get Spotify Connect that lets you play songs on multiple devices. Also, you get the power to control the song playing on the laptop or PC from your app and vice versa. It’s going to be super easy to control the music and slay at your parties.

Spotify Premium- Students Plan

There is a variation to the Spotify Premium account called the student subscription. It promises similar features like, the individual Premium account but it offers a few add-ons like the monthly subscription starts at $4.99. This means that Spotify offers a 50% discount to the students who are enrolled in the college currently. Plus, they also offer a Hulu as well as a Showtime ad-supported plan.

So how does Spotify verify that you are a student? Have you heard of the SheerID, a third-party API? Spotify uses this service to check the enrollment status of the student. Available for the institutions accredited with Title IV in the US, the two work together to give discounts in the subscription fee to students who are 18 and more.

Spotify Premium- For the Family

So all music lovers love Spotify, and at the same time, they like everything that is for free. It is for sure that you don’t get Spotify for free, but you can get a Premium account at a discounted price. Yes, you heard that right.

If you subscribe for the Spotify Family plan then you can give its access to six users at a monthly price of $14.99. It is basically a shareable subscription with the same Premium features, where everyone can have their own personal account at a price much less than the individual one. You can lower your subscription cost by adding more people.

Spotify Pricing 2020

One rule of Spotify Family Plan that it claims to be followed is that everyone fixed to one account that is the six members should reside together. As the streaming service uses the honor system and verifies the address, you can decide whether to follow it or not.

Spotify’s rules claim that the six members must reside at the same address and because the streaming service only uses the honor system to verify your address, it’s up to you to decide if you want to obey the rule or not.

Wrapping Up

Spotify Free Premium Pc 2020

We hope that after going through the different plans that Spotify offers you will be able to choose one. Premium definitely gives you a lineup of great features and if you love music then you can always subscribe to paid services. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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