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admin 11/23/2021
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Spotify pre safes really important tool

for independent artists and releases

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let's talk about it in three two one

hey I'm Brian from Brian Ballard music

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like I mentioned the intro today is all

about reaching Spotify pre saves what

does that even is a pre save it's the

buzzword around around the world and so

we're here today to explain give a

little bit of clarity and light to what

it is why it's powerful and why you

should be doing it for every single

release so what is a pre sale it's

simply just an opportunity for your fans

to save your music before it's out so as

soon as it releases it shows up in their

Spotify account right there that pre

save link is a great way to promote your

song you can put it right in your

Instagram bio and encourage your fans or

anyone you know really to go click that

link we use district kids so they also

have links generator that you can put in

Facebook and Twitter and all your other

social media accounts and it's just a

it's a easy way to have content even to

start getting people excited about your

song a couple of reasons why it's

important to do that is because the more

people that pre save the better you have

a release day and also a Spotify will

see that there's a lot of people that

are engaging they're excited about this

song and I think that they Spotify wants

to build playlists to have lesson people

listen yes so if they see that your song

is getting a lot of activity and a lot

of that comes from the front end being

heavy heavily pre released and pre-saved

that spot wise you say hey people are

loving this song let's put it all over

our platform so more people can hear it

so now that we know what a pre save is

how do you do it I'm glad you asked so

there's a lot of ways to do it the way

we do it is through district it and this

amazing tool called hyper follow so what

hyper follow is is a dedicated link for

your song just to get pre saves and also

as an added bonus it will have people

follow your Spotify account so you go to

your district kid and there's all the

digital distributors have their own

version of this as well but you'll get a

link like we said you can put your

vile or posting your socials or email

list or whatever you have people can

automatically click it they'll pre say

this song and they follow you now follow

you and then they're notified

immediately when this all comes out so

they're more likely to listen to it

share it and it's it's just a great way

to build hype and get people engaged

with your song and this is a great way

to get your fans involved you can

encourage them to share it with their

social media and just keep gaining

momentum with your song and here's a fun

side tip that you know social media is a

vast ocean of things so what I would do

and what we definitely do is encourage

our friends and family to pre-shave it

and you know mom and dad they may not

know how to do that but it's worth

spending five minutes walking through

the process because Spotify doesn't

doesn't know or care who it is you just

want to get as many as possible and you

know that your mom will always press a

verse song even if she doesn't know that

he's spotify it doesn't he doesn't

she'll still please save it because she

loves you and every pre-safe counts

Spotify prepaid plan

don't think I was just one pretty save

or - pre-sales because they all build on

top of each other we always thought you

know and one is one is great like we've

always been having with one two three

and it's amazing how that just keeps

building and you're just like if you

watch it you just watch it grow yeah and

percentage-wise if you have one this

release and two next release has a

hundred percent growth so everybody


starts at zero yes and it's just who's

willing to keep coming at it keep

pushing keep promoting keep if you

believe in your song enough it's worth

asking people to preach save it because

Spotify Prepaid Plan

it matters and it helps your release and

another thing you can do is set a goal

to upload your song at least two weeks

early so you can get as many pre saves

as possible yeah and Spotify says

particularly if it's within seven days

it may not show up on release radar

which is the one of the algorithmic

playlists so the earlier the better

obviously the longer you have to promote

the more chance you have to get a

greater amount of pre-shave that two

week mark we like the two week mark

that's always our goal set right before

two weeks

so in recap pretty saves our powerful

tool to help you build momentum to

release day so the more pre saves you

get the better chance you have to make a

Spotify gift card redeem

big impact on release day so it's a

really important thing so question of

the day have you ever put a song a pre

save and did you notice and making a


Spotify Prepaid Card

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