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Spotify freeSpotify Premium
Over 50 million songs
Podcasts and audiobooks
Travel abroad with your music

For up to 14 days.

Pick and play any track on mobile

Available on select playlists.

Ad free music
Download music
Download podcasts
Highest music quality

The right Premium plan for you

The subscription for Spotify's Family Plan subscription in the U.S. Increased by $1 to $15.99 a month, while its U.K. Plan prices have been raised across its Student, Duo and Family Plan. The biggest price increase affects the Spotify Premium Family tier, which jumps from £14.99/€14.99mth to £16.99/€17.99mth. It appears as though the Premium Individual tier has avoided a price increase. Free Spotify Premium Account 2021 (100% Working). Today, we shared Spotify Premium Account free for lifetime. So, Downlaod Spotify Premium. There are several ways to save on your Spotify Premium membership, with special hacks and deals that most users don’t know. Spotify Kids: a separate app made just for kids. Terms and conditions apply. 1 month free not available for users who have already tried Premium. 1 month free; Student. $5.99/month after offer period. Special discount for eligible students in university. Listen to music ad-free.

Premium Individual

All Premium features just for you.

Price varies between countries.

Premium Student

Students get 50% off Premium for up to 4 years.

Note: Renew every 12 months (up to 3 times).

Comes with access to Hulu's ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME at no extra cost.

Premium Duo

2 people living together each get their own Premium account for 1 discount price.

Comes with Duo Mix - a playlist matching both tastes.

Premium Family

6 people living together each get their own Premium account for 1 discount price.

Spotify Subscription Price By Country

Premium Family comes with:

Spotify Prices 2020

  • Spotify Kids - an app packed with singalongs, soundtracks, and playlists made just for kids.
  • Family Mix - a playlist based on the tastes of everyone on the plan.
  • Explicit filter - the plan’s manager can choose if members get explicit content.

Premium trials

If you never had Premium before, try any plan for a reduced rate or even free. Click below to view the deal in your area.

For free trials, you still need to enter a valid payment method to sign up. This is so we can confirm your country or region and process payments if you want to keep Premium after the trial ends.

Partner Premium plans

Some companies (e.g. phone and internet providers) offer Spotify Premium as part of their own plans. You can use your existing Spotify account, or create a new one as you sign up.

The partner manages the plan, so you need to go through them to:

  • Activate the plan
  • Cancel the plan
  • Get payment help

Spotify Subscription Types

Find information about our partner plans on partner websites.

Spotify Subscription Pricing


Note: If you subscribe direct with us, you first need to cancel to get Premium with a partner.

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You buy an invitation to your account from the music service Spotify, with a premium subscription for 1 month.
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Q: How long does Premium last?
A: We guarantee 1 month of support, work and solving any problems.
Q: There is a problem with my account / premium, what should I do?
A: Write to us and we will solve your problem.
Q: How does it work?
A: We send you an invite link and address, and you use it to activate Spotify Premium.
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