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admin 11/22/2021
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Xbox Spotify Code

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would provide subscribers with access to Spotify Premium for a total of four months, all at no additional cost.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Spotify is currently the world’s leading music streaming service, with the Premium plan guaranteeing a full ad-free experience to subscribers.

  1. For a limited time only, new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) customers who reside in the US and UK will receive 6 months of Spotify Premium, subject to eligibility and the offer terms and conditions. Note You can’t have taken the “Xbox Game Pass $1/£1 for 1 month” offer already, and you must be new to Spotify.
  2. If you have yet to subscribe to Spotify Premium, the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks for May 2021 also include 4 months of Spotify Premium in select markets, in addition to a MyTEAM bundle for.

Microsoft is partnering with Spotify to offer four months of the streaming music service's ad-free Premium subscription tier at no cost to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers. It is not quite as.

Microsoft has confirmed that those who are part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan would receive free access to Spotify Premium for a total of four months.

However, worth knowing is that this offer is only available for new Spotify Premium users, so in case you’ve had a subscription before, this campaign isn’t targeted at you.

Spotify Xbox Game Pass

“Play all your favorites with access to millions of tracks and podcasts titles. Ultimate members can enjoy ad-free music listening, music + podcast offline downloads, and on-demand listening with Spotify Premium for 4 months. Available for new Spotify Premium members only. Make sure you check with your regions since the terms might be different. For full details, see the offer in the Perks gallery on console, mobile or PC,” Microsoft explains.

Hello, Car Thing!

On a similar front, Spotify is now working on expanding in the hardware market with a new device called Car Thing.

Spotify Xbox Game Pass

Free 6 Months Spotify Premium

Pretty much a media player, Car Thing is a device that uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and therefore provides users with more convenient music playback controls in their cars. Car Thing isn’t available for everybody just yet, as Spotify is only offering it to select Premium subscribers in the United States.

Spotify Premium Free Xbox Game Pass

Needless to say, you can’t get Car Thing if you’re trying Spotify Premium as part of this promo, so you need to get a full subscription before being able to order the device in the United States. No further specifics on broad availability have been provided.