Ssd Temp Monitor

admin 11/23/2021

SSSTC SSDs feature automatic temperature monitoring function. It offers a built-in temperature sensor and dynamic thermal throttling functionality working in concert to ensure that the SSD operating temperatures remain within the safety range. This overheating protection mechanism helps safeguard data integrity and equipment safety while increasing operation stability and SSD service life.

Ssd temperature monitor windows 10

CrystalDiskInfo is a free SSD health check software for Windows.

TM monitors SSD temperature changes with sensors through SMART. Once the sensors determine that SSD operating temperature is too high, it would issue a warning to activate dynamic thermal throttling system to lower SSD transmission speed and help dissipate the heat, allowing the SSD to operate within a safe temperature range. When the operating temperature is at minimum, the SSD read-write transmission speed is restored to the optimal performance level.

Ssd Temperature

Toshiba SSD Utility. If you’re using an OCZ SSD, Toshiba SSD Utility is probably the best software you can use regardless of your operating system. It helps monitor the SSD in real time and provides information on drive health, remaining life, storage space, and overall performance. Smart says 'Temp Sensor 1: 32°C / Temp Sensor 2: 46°C' When i play games, the Temp raises to a max of 41°C How it is under heave write/read-load, i didnt know - but 65°C under 'idle-conditions' seems a bit hot to me. Set it in the 22 may help because the ssd isnt covered by the ram slots. PS: Its a samsung 960 evo.