The Epiphany Second Life

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--- The Epiphany(Mirror)

REKT_Angemon Helm

The epiphany sl

REKT_Angemon Suit [Legacy]

REKT_Angemon Ribbon

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REKT_Angemon Arm [Legacy]

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  • Home to the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life, experience this tranquil venue and connect with your spiritual side.

The Epiphany Second Life

REKT_Angemon Boots [Legacy]

REKT_Angemon Wings

--- Fantasy Faire 2021

Poseidon - Shield Maiden 2rev

[+Oblivis+]Temple of Rain Fantasia Quiet

--- Avatar

[Glam Affair] Jezebel Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Fair A


[LEGACY]Meshbody (f)

REKT_Angemon Helm (The Epiphany)

REKT_Angemon Suit [Legacy] (The Epiphany)

REKT_Angemon Ribbon (The Epiphany)

REKT_Angemon Arm [Legacy] (The Epiphany)

REKT_Angemon Boots [Legacy] (The Epiphany)

REKT_Angemon Wings (The Epiphany)

LR Weapons Crimson Sword

LR Weapons Crimson Shield

--- Scene

[+Oblivis+]Temple of Rain Fantasia Quiet (Fantasy Faire 2021)

NAMINOKE *N*Feather Rez(8LI) Light tone

{anc}NO LIMITS.flying doves

{anc} chemical sparks

E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

Second Life Gacha Events

--- Pose


Lootbox Sl

Poseidon - Shield Maiden 2rev (Fantasy Faire 2021)