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With Every Door Direct Mail ® (EDDM ) service from the U.S. Postal Service, you can get help reaching potential customers in nearby neighborhoods—and you don’t even need to know names or street addresses.

Data on direct mail usage has been in short supply. Access the latest research from Forrester ® and USPS Delivers ™ covering four major industries: automotive, financial services, travel and retail. It’s all in one direct marketing infographic. Every Door Direct Mail, or known as EDDM, is an affordable service provided by the United States Post Office, which allows you send a mail piece to every house on selected routes at the lowest postage rate without purchasing a mailing list or bulk mail permit. What can I mail with Every Door Direct Mail - USPS. Every Door Direct Mail provides businesses with a cost-efficient way to spread targeted messages to potential customers in focus areas. In leveraging ZIP Codes™ and U.S. Census data, businesses gain access to a precise, hyper-targeted audience without having to compile, update or buy mailing lists.

Usps Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM concept

Do you have any idea about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)? No! There is nothing to worry about. Just check the rest of this article and you will get to know about quick EDDM printing in detail. At the same time, you will get to know how EDDM can help you to promote your business and reach out to potential customers.

What Is EDDM?

EDDM – also known as Every Door Direct Mail is by far the most affordable marketing strategy for business houses. This service is offered by the United States Postal Services.

With this mailing service, every mailer/campaign can be personalized for a certain geographical area. In fact, through this direct mail, a business can easily start a 1:1 dialogue with target customers. This marketing tool, not only helps to build a strong customer relationship, but also provides a high response rate.

What’s The Need?

Studies have shown that Every Door Direct Mail is an effective marketing tool, which is greatly benefitting local businesses.

EDDM allows businesses to send promotional mail without the need to buy a mailing list. Hence, rush EDDM print is a very cost-effective way to promote any business.

Not only that, Every Door Direct Mail can help businesses in the following way. They are:

  • Building More Traffic
  • Increased Revenue
  • Finding New Customers

In this competitive world, spreading your business message within your local community or to the target audience can be a bit tough. This is where EDDM comes to be of great help.

Usps every door direct mail map

With cheap EDDM printing services, local businesses can choose a specific postal route to send out leaflets or brochures, or flyers to every house on that route. One can also send flat mailers through this. However, you will need to maintain the USPS standards while designing the leaflet or brochure, or postcard.

The best part of this mailing service is that you won’t need to look out for names or addresses or contact information of the people living in a particular area. The USPS will just send the mailer to everyone on that route. You will just need to identify the potential mail route and delivery date. Once you do that, you can stay assured that your leaflets or brochures will be delivered in time.

EDDM: Reasons to Opt

EDDM can be an amazing addition to the existing marketing strategy. To make EDDM mailing more effective, certain tips must be kept in mind.

  • Personalization

Businesses, be it a small pizzeria or a café needs to get in touch with their customers, both loyal and potential ones. Although, technological advancement and social media platforms are allowing businesses to reach out to their targeted customers through banners or billboards; however, both these techniques lack a personal touch.

Customers crave for a personal mode of contact at every level. With cheap EDDM prints, this issue can be addressed. The mailers can be customized depending on the age group you want to target. When it comes to every door direct mail, personalization is important. Every mail can be personalized. For instance, the mail can be personalized with images or texts. However, depending on the amount of data you want to include, personalization would vary. The more relevant is the information, the more you get to customize it. Keep in mind that customization would help you to connect on an emotional level.

  • Appealing

If you are planning to prepare a quick EDDM mailing, you can’t overlook the design quality. You must make it a point to keep it attractive. Only then your business would stand out from your competitors. Bold and clear fonts with an appealing graphic can do the job.

In case of an EDDM postcard print, the message and the design, on the envelope, should be given more importance than the inside text. After all, the recipient will look at the envelope first before reading the inside content.

Better Than Other Forms of Marketing

Different forms of marketing methods are available. Most businesses are obsessed with modern advertising techniques; however, they fail to realize that they need to reach customers at the local level also.

If they are skipping the local customers, they would be missing a major base of customers. To promote your products/ services at the local level, local marketing techniques, such as cheap EDDM prints could help.

Usps every door direct mail template

Ways in Which EDDM Can Help

There is no denying that exquisitely printed materials can help to promote a business in the way it wants. However, it is important to get hold of a good EDDM printing company that can offer the best solutions.

The print shops can help you to get some cheap EDDM printing products, such as EDDM postcards for reaching out to the customers.

  • Strong Local Network

It would be wrong to say that every door direct mail system only informs customers about your business. Through direct mail, other local businesses also come to know about your existence. Making other businesses aware of your existence would help to create a strong local network.

  • New Opportunities

Do you know that a simple mailer can make a huge difference to your business? You can slowly expand your business, once you develop strong networking. This is only possible once you start to distribute the mailer/ postcards to a specific zone/ location you have picked.

  • Customer Needs

When you are launching a new product, you have a limited amount of information about customers’ preferences. Through EDDM postcard print, local businesses can get to know the needs and tastes of people. Wondering, How? It’s possible because you have already made the people aware of your business. When people start to take an interest in your business, measuring the flow of customers is easy. If you see a good flow of traffic towards your business, you will know people like your product.

Indeed, EDDM is slowly gaining momentum. Businesses of any size can use cheap EDDM prints to campaign their products for the right customers.

How to Carry Out a Successful EDDM?

Most people think that launching a successful EDDM is an overwhelming task. However, it is not that difficult as one thinks it to be. But it requires a little bit of background study. One needs to know how to make use of the space or the right way to go creative with your message for the customers.

Keep in mind that most businesses promote offers and discounts to the local audiences through EDDM mailers, such as EDDM postcards. So space should be used in such a way that it holds a higher value perception than an ordinary coupon. While the mailer needs to adhere to the USPS format; still, some steps need to be taken to carry out a successful EDDM campaign.

  • Call to Action

Don’t forget to add a CTA when preparing a rush EDDM mailing. This is crucial for the sales process. However, keep the CTA very short and catchy. Words like ‘limited’ or ‘limited deal’ would create an urgency and promoting the recipient to respond.

  • Short Information

Capture the attention of your readers by offering them important information. You can point out about your new product launch or offers through some punch lines.

  • Sell Offers

While preparing a quick EDDM mailing, keep in mind that you will have to sell the offer. So try to include an offer that can be more compelling. The offer could be a discount coupon or a gift. Your aim should be to engage customers.

Regarding how to prepare EDDM mailing, just keep these above points in mind. You won’t have any problem with printing an effective EDDM mail. However, most business houses fail to follow the quick EDDM printing requirements.

Making A Perfect EDDM Mailer

You can create an EDDM mailing with a USPS account. But taking the help of an EDDM printing company would be far better. The print shops would make use of some killer strategies for a successful EDDM campaign.

The print shops can help their clients with ready-made EDDM template designs. Alternatively, clients can submit their EDDM postcard designs for proofreading and printing. You can also ask for design revision from the professionals.

As EDDM is going to be a marketing communication tool, the design is of great importance. Your cheap EDDM printing should focus on the following things. They are:

  • Color

The color you chose for your EDDM can make it look attractive or dull. So pay proper attention to the colors. Make sure the prints are not lacking in luster.

  • Paper Stock

The look and feel of your EDDM cards would greatly depend on the paper quality. For your quick EDDM printing requirement, you will get different types of paper options. However, the 14 pt Gloss Coated Cover is considered to be the best. Why? It will give your EDDM postcards a high UV glossy finish. The gloss will not only enhances the color vibrancy, but also protects it from scratches.

  • Coating

Options include 14pt Premium Uncoated Cover or the 18pt Premium Matte Cover could be also opted. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a coated or uncoated cardstock

  • Layout

You need to pick the right layout. Keep in mind that the layout you choose would be the place where your advertisement content would be placed. It’s better to go with the standard version, i.e. square, but you can also for a layout with round corners. Make sure that you are printing only the important details in your EDDM postcard print. Excessive details can make them look boring.

  • Bleed

Usps Every Door Direct Mail Cost

It’s a style of printing that allows you to beyond the area from where you will trim the printed sheets. The image and the graphic could be easily extended to the edge.

Different Ways To Make the Mailer Interactive
  • You need to make the EDDM mailer very attractive. To attract the attention of customers’ towards your rush EDDM mailing, create a compelling headline. It would entice people to go through the mailer.
  • To make the audience hooked to your EDDM print, UV Coating or embossing would help. It would make your EDDM eye-catching and unique.
  • Keep in mind that when it comes to rush EDDM print, less is always good. Avoid cluttering. Make it a point to keep few graphics with a crisp headline. Add only those elements that would engage the potential audience.
  • Make sure your customers can easily follow the CTA. This would help the prospect to easily get in touch with the brand/company. They will know what to do next.

EDDM offers the perfect platform for small businesses to market their products/services among the local audience very easily.

Measuring The Results

Once you carry out a successful EDDM campaign, you must measure the result. Though it might take some time; still, it can have a huge impact on the audience. So you just need to create a time-frame and measure the customer flow for that time-frame. This way you would come to know about the impact of the mailers on customers.

EDDM Postcard: The Ideal Choice

Marketing through cheap EDDM postcards is very easy. It would reach out to your target audiences based on a certain geographic location very easily.

Specifications For EDDM Postcards

  • Dimension: The most popular dimension for the EDDM postcard is 6.5” x 9”. The minimum dimension is 6.5” x 11” and the maximum dimension is 9” x 12”. You can also go for 6” x 11” or 4” x 11” or 8.5” x 11” or 9” x 11” and so on depending on your campaign requirement.
  • Quantity: You can get any amount of EDDM prints done. The minimum order quantity starts from 250 and it can go more than 50,000. So it’s always better to check with the EDDM printing company before placing the order.
  • Turnaround: The turnaround is pretty quick for cheap EDDM prints. Consult with the quick print shop regarding the number of days they would take to get the EDDM done.

There are many benefits associated with EDDM postcards. To know about it, just go through the rest of the post.

  1. Cost-Effective: When you are going for rush EDDM postcard prints, you know very well that you won’t need to invest any amount of money. You can cover a large geographical area within a small budget.
  2. Simplicity: You won’t need any address list or a mail list to carry out an EDDM campaign. You just pick an area and your mailers would get delivered to every house/business on that route. The every door direct mail would save you from creating a mailing list.
  3. No Postage Permit: An ordinary mail would need a postal permit. But when it comes to every door direct mail, in the form of a postcard, there is no need for any postal permit. This method has separate charges.
  4. Wider Reach: With rush EDDM mailing; you can reach out to those customers, who are crucial for the growth of your business. Depending on your marketing technique, you can also narrow down your prospective audience. The United States Postal Services even provides a mapping tool, which can assist you to find the perfect route for your business. This can help you to get a higher conversion rate.
  5. Visibility: The EDDM mailers can come in different sizes. You can go for a standard postcard size or a slightly bigger size. Irrespective of the size you pick, the companies offering cheap EDDM printing services will follow the basic USPS requirements. Irrespective of the mailer size, it would surely grab the attention of people.
  6. Flexibility: It is one of the flexible mailing options, as it comes with different mailing sizes. This, in turn, would help you to keep your marketing preferences also flexible. You would be able to control the printing cost easily.

Is Every Door Direct Mail Postcards Right for Me?

Don’t forget to go through this point before you opt for this marketing method. First of all, you need to ask yourself, will your business serve the needs of the local customers? Once you find the answer to this question, you can easily take a step further.

Based on the answer you get, you will be able to prepare a database of your potential audience. This would make it easier for you to decide if this method is right for your business or not.

In the event, you run one of the following businesses, you can start searching for cheap EDDM printing services for printing the mailers.

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Coffee Shops
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Home Services

Other than the aforementioned businesses, even political parties can benefit from this marketing technique. Parties, who are trying to gain a political footing in a particular area, can choose EDDM postcards for their marketing.

To Wrap Up

Hopefully, you won’t face any confusion related to EDDMs. Whether EDDM is suitable for your business would depend on the size of your business and its popularity. Small businesses can try out this form of marketing. It will increase their sales. With quick EDDM printing, businesses can meet their business goals and marketing objectives.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)

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Use Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) to promote your small business in your local community and let USPS® do the leg work. Whether you're having a sale, opening a new location, or offering coupons, EDDM can help you send postcards, menus, flyers, and more to the right people.

The EDDM Online Tool also provides mailers the option to obtain delivery statistics for specific carrier routes. The tool generates required documentation under DMM® standards as well as facing slips and postage statements (PS Form 3587-B for retail; PS Form 3602 and PS Form 8125 for BMEU entry).

Getting Started

If you're looking to use Every Door Direct Mail - Retail® (EDDM Retail), see the EDDM resource on how to create and prepare an EDDM Retail Mailing.

Usps Every Door Direct Mail Forms

  • With EDDM Retail, you can send at least 200 and up to 5,000 pieces per day per ZIP Code™

If you're ready to send an EDDM BMEU mailing, see the EDDM resource on how to create and prepare an EDDM Bulk Mailing.

  • With EDDM BMEU, you can send more than 5,000 pieces per day per ZIP Code™
Every Door Direct Mail Retail Fact Sheet

Us Postal Service Direct Mail


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an efficient and affordable service for businesses that want to target specific areas in their local market without requiring names and addresses on the mailpieces. With EDDM, you can:

  • Target a location or neighborhood using the EDDM Online Tool
  • Send mail to every address in a defined geographic area
  • Develop local mailings or national campaigns
  • Mail postcards, menus, flyers and coupons to drive traffic at local stores or events
  • Prospect for new customer at reduced preparation costs from regular Marketing Mail

For more information, visit the Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Site.

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