Vmware Fusion For Mac Catalina

admin 11/22/2021

These two virtual machine apps accept.vmdk file extension. This macOS Catalina file format may be used to install and operate macOS Catalina on VMware Workstation, Player, Fusion, and VirtualBox. The best part is, the single macOS Catalina VMware and VirtualBox image work for VMware and VirtualBox. Fusion hasn’t always kept up with Parallels Desktop’s regular cycle of updates and new features, but VMWare Fusion 12 has closed many of the gaps, and there is also a free version for home use. MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 seems to have introduced a bug that causes system crashes, especially when using virtualization software such as VirtualBox or VMware.

Welcome to Manjaro site mini how-to. In this short article, I am going to show you how to correctly and completely uninstall VMware Fusion from macOS Catalina. A few days ago I installed the latest VMware Fusion on my AMD Hackintosh. But it did not work well so I decide to uninstall it. I am basically a Windows user so I had a difficulty to find the uninstaller for VMware Fusion.

Unlike Windows programs, most Mac software do not come with uninstaller. But actually, removing software from Mac is pretty easy, especially this VMware Fusion. This software was installed as a complete bundle. To remove or uninstall it we do not need uninstaller.

Steps to Uninstall VMware Fusion from macOS Catalina

Open Finder and go to the Applications folder. Now drag the VMware Fusion to the Trash. Or, right-click and choose Move to Trash.

After you move the VMware Fusion to the Trash bin, we need to remove the VMware folders. You can check the following folders and remove them if they exist.

Now you can empty your Trash.

To complete the manual uninstall step, run this command on Terminal to remove any traces of VMware.

There is an easier way to do this. Use the third-party software called CleanMyMac X. It’s a great software that can automate many tasks, make your Mac runs faster, and so on.

If you are a Apple Mac user you already experienced few issues with your applications due to the enhanced security in the Operating System Updates, I had some issues with my virtual machines, VMware Fusion Virtual Machine black screen appeared after the macOS Catalina update. I thought to share this article with my followers about this issue.

After starting the Virtual Machines, it ended up with a black screen, and unable to navigate through the console.

Vmware Fusion For Mac Catalina Torrent

I have checked the available updates, and there was an update available for “Fusion PRO 11.5“. You might be seen this available updates pop up if you have enabled the auto update checker in your Fusion application. This upgrade process will automatically removes any running previous versions in your macOS. Here is the VMware KB for the upgrade process.

Is Vmware Fusion For Mac Free

I was using VMware Fusion 11.1.0, this update specifically mentioned that “Ready for macOS 10.15 Catalina” and also I personally loved the “Dark Mode” came with this update. If you are running any application with a Jumbo Frames requirement, this Fusion update is for you.

Vmware Fusion Macos Catalina Guest


Just click on the download link appear in the below or click here.

Vmware Tools For Mac Catalina

Installer will start the automatically, and just double click on the Fusion icon to begin the installation

Make sure to close any running Fusion window to avoid these prompts

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Security warnings will appear due to the Catalina security enhancements, you have to open the app manually.

Once it successfully, updated the VMware Fusion version your Virtual Machines will be migrated to this version. VMware Fusion Virtual Machine Black Screen issue is fixed after this.

Again, I loved the Dark mode.