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Vmware fusion connect to esxi

I have a VMware Fusion VM that has its hardware version set to 15 and I keep having issues with customers trying to import my exported OVA into their VMware ESXi infrastructure, even when I set the VMware HW Version to 6. Built for Developers and IT Professionals, VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion deliver the most stable and secure local desktop virtualization platform in the industry, giving users the power to simply run any operating system from nearly any device right from their Desktop.

Ansible provides various modules to manage VMware infrastructure, which includes datacenter, cluster,host system and virtual machine.

Ansible VMware modules are written on top of pyVmomi.pyVmomi is the Python SDK for the VMware vSphere API that allows user to manage ESX, ESXi,and vCenter infrastructure. You can install pyVmomi using pip:

Ansible VMware modules leveraging latest vSphere(6.0+) features are using vSphere Automation Python SDK. The vSphere Automation Python SDK also has client libraries, documentation, and sample code for VMware Cloud on AWS Console APIs, NSX VMware Cloud on AWS integration APIs, VMware Cloud on AWS site recovery APIs, NSX-T APIs.

You can install vSphere Automation Python SDK using pip:


Installing vSphere Automation Python SDK also installs pyvmomi. A separate installation of pyvmomi is not required.

The vmware_guest module manages various operations related to virtual machines in the given ESXi or vCenter server.

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Vmware Fusion To Esxi

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Vmware Fusion To Esxi
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govc is a vSphere CLI built on top of govmomi

Working with playbooks

Convert Vmware Fusion To Esxi

An introduction to playbooks

Today VMware released Fusion 7. Beyond improved more advanced hardware and OS support – they added in one great feature. VMware Fusion can now connect to and have some limited control over VM’s running on ESXi servers. VMware Fusion 7 Pro has a “Connect to Server” (Cmd +K) option under the File menu that brings up a log in window. Enter in the address and credentials for an ESXi or vCenter server and your ESXi environment will be listed in the Virtual Machine Library under your local VM’s. We install ESXi on Mac minis as a part of our AltOS option. It’s a great way to virtualize OS X, Linux, and Windows on a lightweight and stable bare metal hypervisor.


Vmware Esxi 7

You can start/stop VM’s. Open console access to to them. As well as the ability to update some settings. This is great news as in the past you needed to run the Windows vSphere client to manage anything to do with ESXi. You will still need the vSphere Client to access settings, datastores, and to create* VMs — but for working with in the VMs this is a great Mac-native option!

While you can’t create a new VM from Fusion on an ESXi server, you can migrate/upload a Fusion VM to ESXi. Drag a VM in a shutdown state onto the ESXi/vCenter server. A display popup for copying the VM over to the ESXi host will show. If you are connected to a vCenter server you’ll be able to choose the ESXi host. Choose the datastore and click Upload and watch it go! It may take awhile depending on upload speeds.