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Most iPhone fans are wondering can iPhone 12 use WeChat? Continue reading to find out.

IPhone loyalists in China are reconsidering their attachment to the device after Trump's executive order barring U.S. Companies from doing business with WeChat. Wechat is 100% of China. Apple could potentially lose all Chinese iPhone sales without WeChat. That 30% loss is worldwide. Wechat is not just a messaging app. It is the de facto digital payment.

The WeChat team said earlier today the Dark Mode of WeChat for iOS has finished development and is expected to be released in the next version. This is a highly anticipated feature for all WeChat users who use the iPhone, but it is worthwhile enough that Apple is behind it. Recently, Apple updated the App Store's review regulations.

The WeChat Ban

Wechat For Apple

It’s still not certain whether the potential ban will apply to the WeChat app only in the United States. Or, if it will result in the removal of the WeChat app from all iPhones across the globe.

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The owner of WeChat said he believes that the ban will be applied only in the U.S. However, is still looking for clarity in this matter. A WeChat ban in the United States could potentially cause a minor drop in sales. But, a WeChat ban in China would be catastrophic for Apple.

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The majority of Chinese ‌iPhone‌ users feel their devices will be basically useless without the WeChat app. So, it is the most common type of communication in their country via iPhone.

Also, Wechat is not just a messaging app. It is also one of the main digital payment systems that Chinese people use. Most of the personal transactions in China are done via WeChat.

Wechat For Apple

Chinese people will not be able to do business properly without WeChat. In the worst-case scenario, Apple’s yearly global iPhone shipments could decline by 25–30% if it is forced to remove WeChat from its App Stores around the world.

There have been rumors that Apple has lowered its targets for the iPhone 12 shipments. However, according to Chinese media reports, Apple suppliers have not received these kinds of notifications.

According to the latest news, three Chinese iPhone supply chain companies have stated: ”Apple has not lowered its iPhone 12 shipping target guidelines”.

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Nor have they received news that Apple has lowered its iPhone 12 shipping target.

If the ban really does get implemented and Apple doesn’t have a clear solution to this problem. Chinese customers may start buying phones from other companies, such as Huawei.

Can iPhone 12 use WeChat?

With all of the rumors about the WeChat ban, it is still uncertain whether the iPhone 12 will be able to use this app. If the ban truly gets implemented then the new series of iPhones won’t legally be allowed to run this app. And, it will apply to all of the next model’s Apple releases.

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New information about this question is supposed to come out on November 3rd. So, it’s best to follow the news about this topic and see what will happen with WeChat.

Hi, I currently update my Iphone4 firmware to the 6.0.1 w/e the heck it was. So after it was finished updating, I tried to get into WeChat but then it asks me to login with my Apple ID and PW. So I go ahead and make one, when I login with it at the screen it seems like it was successful but it kicks me back to the home screen. What the ****? Is it because WeChat does not work with the latest update? It was really ticking me off. I can't even downgrade it...when I first started using WeChat, I logged in by using my phone #. But who knew this would be such a pain in the butt.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1

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