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Wechat Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser. Yes, the Fire tablet does include Amazon's Silk browser. And while it isn't bad, it isn't as fast or easy-to-use as Chrome. Amazon would prefer you use the Silk browser and stay within the Amazon universe. They don't want you straying off into Google Land. In the WeChat application, search for 'Amphenol ICC' official account or scan the QR code. This site is best viewed on Google Chrome or Firefox.

Wechat Google Chrome

In this scenario, Beside Parameters needs to be applied, API key configuration and Certificate configuration, institutions must configure two more parameters.

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  • 1Authorization domain name

    For this scenario, before initiating the payment, the user's openid (details can be found in Important Parameters) needs to be obtained via web authorization (auth2) to verify whether the order placement and payment are done by the same person. The domain name for auth2 authorization must be configured under 'Settings' > 'Account Info' > 'Function Setting' on the institution's Official Accounts platform, as shown in the following figure.

    For details, visit Webpage authorization development.

  • 2Payment directory

    In this solution, WeChat Pay is launched by a web page in WeChat using the frontend JSAPI. For security reasons, the web directory for launching WeChat Pay also needs to be configured in the development configuration, as shown below.

    Note: The payment directory refers to the part before the last slash (/) in a page URL. For example, if the page URL is 'xxx.xxx.com/xx/x/xx', then the payment directory will be 'xxx.xxx.com/xx/x/'.

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