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Choose Share His Name Card, then you will have options to share selected name cards in WeChat with any friends, latest chats, new chats, WeChat chat groups, etc.After that, the recipient you sent the contact name card to will be able to view the name card in the chat or group chat window, he, she or they can tap on this name card in WeChat and add this person to his, her or their WeChat.

Block WeChat Contacts Or Delete WeChat Contacts. That is the question. But do you really know know the differences between blocking and deleting someone? Read on to find out the 5 key differences plus 1 hot little trick.

  1. (WeChat id: dididachegf) 4. Secret (秘密) Secret is a social APP enabling users to send anonymous messages within their friend circle. Besides complaints, confessions, and gossips, Secret can be used for dating. On its WeChat account, users can play a game called “Love at first sight”.
  2. Once you register WeChat, there will be a unique QR code of your WeChat ID. You can also use the QR code to add WeChat Contacts. Go to the Chats page (if you are not in), and tap on the + on the top right of the screen, choose Scan QR Code in the list.

Block WeChat Contacts & Delete WeChat Contacts. The Differences.

1: Sending Messages.

Delete WeChat Contact

You’ve deleted a contact. What they now see when sending you a message will depend on your privacy setting for Friends ConfirmationMe > Settings > Privacy. The vast majority of WeChat users have this set to on (as in the picture below).

If you have friends confirmation set to ‘off’ then the person will be able to send you messages as normal. If you have it set to ‘on’ (the default) they receive an automatic message like below:

She relented 🙂

Now let’s say you wish to send a message to someone you have deleted. First you will need to find them. They will be deleted from your contact list. Perhaps you can find them from a mutual group. When opening up a chat window with them you will be able to send them messages. But now there will be a message at the top asking you to add them to your WeChat contacts.

Block WeChat Contact

When they send you a message they will receive a notification as below.

You will not receive any messages they send to you. You will not be able to send them a message even if you find them in a group.

2: Contacts List.

Delete WeChat Contact

You will appear in their contacts list. They will not appear in your contacts list.

Block WeChat Contact

You will appear in their contacts list. They will appear in your blocked list.


Delete WeChat Contact

Their content will of course no longer appear in your moments feed. When you check their profile from a group what you are able to see will depend on if they have made their moments public (setting below).

If their moments are set to public you will be able to see their 10 most recent moments posts.

If moments are private you will not be able to see any. These conditions apply exactly the same to the person you have deleted with regard to them viewing your moments.

Block WeChat Contact

You will be completely unable to see their moments even when checking their profile from a group. If they decide to check your moments from your profile, and you have set your moments to public, they will be able to see your 10 most recent moments posts before you blocked them. Otherwise they will not be able to check your moments from your profile.

4: Chat History.

Delete WeChat Contact

Your chat history with them will be deleted from your WeChat. The chat history will remain on their WeChat.

Block WeChat Contact

Neither of your chat histories will be deleted.

5: Request to Join a Group.

Delete WeChat Contact

You will not be able to request them to join a group as they are no longer in your contacts list. However if they request you to join a group and assuming you have ‘friend confirmation’ set on, they will receive a message asking them to first add this person as a contact.

Block WeChat Contact

You will not be able to add them to a group. If they try to add you to a group they will receive an automatic message similar to below.

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Blocking or Deleting? Which is better?

The biggest difference between blocking and deleting is that with blocking someone it’s easier to reverse your decision. They will still be on your blocked list. When deleting someone their information will be completely gone.

Wechat id list search

Above: What it looks like when you get blocked by everyone.

If you first delete someone and then block them they will still be on your blocked list. If you block someone and then delete them, they will not appear on either your blocked or contact list. They will not be able to send you a friends request without it being refused. Thus this is the best way to completely break off relations.


Regardless of if you block, unblock, delete or re-add someone the other person will not receive any notification. They will be oblivious to your actions. Only when the other person sends you a message, adds you to a group or tries to view your moments will they be able to notice something is up.

How to find out if you’ve been blocked or deleted

A great way to clean out your contacts and check if you have been blocked or deleted by others is to try this trick:

1. Create a group of up to 39 of your contacts.

2. Check for automatic messages like below in the group thread.

Above: This person has deleted me 🙁

3. Delete the group. DO NOT send any messages into the group. By doing this, the group will not disturb others. They will not be notified of the group until a message is sent into it and will never know of its existence.

Scan the QR code above for more free WeChat information

WeChat is becoming the popular instant message app increasingly in many countries by following WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

As the users increase, the problems about this app also stand out. One of the problems is the WeChat account recovery.

Some users complained that WeChat account was blocked or could not log in suddenly.

For solving this problem this page collects the full information about the reasons for WeChat account block and solutions to recover WeChat account.

Pay patience and keep reading to find the answers.

Part 1: The reasons for WeChat account block

Before getting the ways of recovering WeChat account, you should get to know why this problem appears. Here we list the most likely reasons why WeChat account fails to use or log in.

  • 1. WeChat you downloaded on your phone or computer is from an unofficial channel.
  • 2. The unofficial plug-ins on your phone like Andy, Bluestack, etc. which put your WeChat account security endanger.
  • 3. Your WeChar account is reported to send or share some content including lewd content, violent materials, scams, inappropriate rumors, annoying ads, etc.
  • 4. The phone number you used to log in or register WeChat is provided by virtual network operators.
  • 5. You are using a phone number for WeChat account that is operating abnormally.
  • 6. You've been reported by other users for multiple times.
  • 7. You are using WeChat account for violating its terms.

The above various reasons can be explained why your WeChat account is blocked.

Since you have known the reasons, and now it is time for us to find the solutions to fix this issue.

Part 2: 4 Ways to recover/unblock/reactivate WeChat account

Recover WeChat account by install the app from official page

Like mentioned above, the unofficial installation of WeChat may leave your WeChat blocked. So just try to reinstall WeChat from its official support page.

Step 1 Uninstall the old WeChat app

On your iPhone, hold on WeChat until it jiggles, and then you will see a small cross on the right-side corner of the app. Just tap the small cross to uninstall WeChat from your iPhone.

For Android phone, the steps are different slightly. Visit here.

Step 2 Re-install WeChat

After uninstalling this app, you can go to App Store to search WeChat app and install it again.

For Android phone, just search WeChat in Google Play.

After that, you can check if you can log in your WeChat account again.

Recover WeChat account by appeal on phone

Fail to log in to WeChat account due to wrong password or forgotten password? What's worse, mobile phone number, email address or QQ ID linked to this account all fail to work? Just follow the instructions below to recover your WeChat account.

Step 1 In the login screen on your phone, tap 'Unable to Log In?' at the bottom.

Step 2 Hit 'Request Password Retrieval' > Agree the terms and hit 'Request' to submit your request as instructed.

Step 3 Complete the feedback information, and you will receive the result within 24 hours by text message, if the appeal is approved.

Step 4 Log in to your WeChat with WeChat ID and password to fix this problem.

Meanwhile, all linked accounts with this WeChat account will be automatically linked back.

Recover WeChat account by verified code online

If you can use you're the phone number linked with your WeChat account, then you can just use the verification code to recover your account.

Go to https://support.wechat.com/cgi-bin/mmsupport-bin/readtemplate?t=weixin_unlock_self&step=0, Input your blocked WeChat account ID, type your phone number that will be used to receive the verification code, and then fill in CAPTCHA characters, and finally click 'Send Verification Code'.

Then you just need to follow the instructions on this web to retrieve your WeChat account again. Click here to know how to move WeChat history to new iPhone.

Recover WeChat account by contacting WeChat support team

If none of the the above 3 methods work, then you will consider contacting the WeChat support team.

Go to WeChat help center page (https://help.wechat.com/cgi-bin/newreadtemplate?t=help_center/feedback_form&lang=en&Channel=helpcenter), fill in all the information needed and click 'Submit'.

Then any process will notify you by the contact information you left.

This method of unblocking and recovering your WeChat account may take some time, and you need to pay more patience.

You may need: How to delete a WeChat contact

Part 3: Tips of WeChat account recovery

The above 4 ways of recovering WeChat account should be helpful for you.

However, here are some tips that you should bear in mind when performing WeChat account recovery.

  • 1. The deleted account can be recovered currently. You just need to register a new account with another ID, and the deleted old WeChat ID is no longer working.
  • 2. For avoiding WeChat problems in future, you had better not install unsanctioned plug-ins.
  • 3. Once your WeChat account is blocked for a serious violation, it will be not recovered or unlocked.

As for the data in WeChat on your iPhone, you could recover them from your backup (if you did before), or just recover the lost WeChat files with FoneLab.

Wechat Id List 2020

  • Recover photos, contacts, messages, audio and video from WeChat.
  • Preview and recover the WeChat files from iPhone directly without backup.
  • Compatible with all iOS devices like iPhone 12/11XS/XR/X/8/7, etc.
  • Recover WeChat data from iTunes and iCloud backup.

Get to know the steps of recovering WeChat data from iPhone here.


This post talks about the WeChat account block and recovery. There are various reasons why your WeChat account is blocked and fails to log in. For the solutions, you can use the 4 ways of recovering. Still, do not forget the tips mentioned above to use WeChat account wisely.

If you have question about WeChat account, speak it out.

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