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A Search Page is a WordPress Page with a custom Page template to give users more information for searching your site. Things You Need to Know Different WordPress Themes feature different template files. Some include a search.php template file. Basically, you need to include the Wordpress loop in your search.php template to loop through the search results and show them as part of the template. Below is a very basic example from The WordPress Theme Search Template and Page Template over at ThemeShaper. Since the page template slug is stored inside the postmeta for any post that has been assigned to a page template, it is possible to directly query the postmeta to see whether any given page has been assigned a page template. This is the method that ispagetemplate uses internally. The Sydney theme is designed for companies and freelancers who want to present a strong.

WordPress search page result means a page that is more informative to users for getting into your site. They can search your website through the custom template page to reach your site. You need a search page template for user search form and information passing to your site. And if the user will be more satisfied like, on your website, a user searches for your business and product information. Then the user hits the result to a blank page or other irrelevant things; the chances are heavy that they leave your site. User satisfaction is a must for a wordpress development company to achieve growth.

The search results page, powered by search.php, is a unique archive page because it often returns no results. In this online video tutorial you learn how to format and style the search results template in your custom WordPress theme.

Why does a search page result matter?

We know that users will search for a certain thing that they want to show on our site page. So the internal search page results in the content or word which the user typed as the related pages. It is different from google or other search engines . It will show the entire result for the user, but the search page result shows the related page to him.

Making a custom result page will be very good for your wordpress site for improving audience experience and making more informative sites. There are a lot of benefits like:

  • Getting the correct result for the things they searched for
  • Visitor’s time can increase
  • You can make your site more informative to users
  • Brand value reputation

How can you customize your search page result?

You can customize the result page by changing the code search.php file or by using the plugin. The plugin installation and maintaining is quite easy and choosing the php code altering also best you can choose. There are several things you can personalize in search page like

  • Custom layout
  • Design of search page
  • Adding image-based search

Things you should focus on search bar option

Wordpress Search Page Template
  • Always it should be at the top of the page.
  • Choose a better color for user attention.
  • The search bar checks the resulting whole from your website on every page.
  • Keywords related can be focused on our side for the result of getting easily from your page.
  • Use the words like find, search go now etc. for the user’s interest to search on that.
  • Give a better design for the page.
  • A call to action button can be given for immediate contact with users.
  • Suggesting the spellings in typing case.
  • Highlighting the search term in the result page will be good.
  • Ajax the search

How does a custom search page result benefit your business?

The user will always be engaged in your site and you will get more free traffic to your site. It leads to more lead conversion and making more profit. Your product should popularize much through this. Site ranking can improve by this custom search result method.

Update: We’ve created a second edition of this article, with updated code samples and coverage of the latest theme development techniques. Check it out at The WordPress Theme Search Template and Page Template. It’s part of The ThemeShaper WordPress Theme Tutorial: 2nd Edition.

The Search Template and The Page Template are vital to any complete WordPress Theme. And they’re both really easy to code. For both these two Templates we’ll start with our template-template again.

But, of course, each one is going to take it’s own different path.

The Search Template

In search.php we’re going to reintroduce the loop back into our Template. This time with an IF statement—in case we don’t have any posts to loop through.

Here’s how it’ll work: IF we have posts, or, in other words, if there are posts that match the terms we’re searching for, THEN loop through them, sorta just like in index.php, but IF we don’t have posts to loop through, or, if there aren’t any posts that match our search terms, give our searchers another chance at this searching business.

One Page Template Wordpress

In code, it would look like this:

Pretty straightforward, right? Almost.

Wordpress search page

Wordpress Page Template Free

I like to keep all my index-ey Templates the same: Post Title, Meta, Content (or excerpt), Utility links. But when WordPress searches for posts it also searches through Pages, which don’t need the post meta or utility links displayed. So, in our loop, we’re going to check and see if we’re dealing with a post or a page.

Wrap any code with that IF statement and it will only show if we’re dealing with a page. Now that we understand what’s going on, here’s what the #content div of our search template will look like:

The Page Template

You know what the Page Template is for. WordPress thinks of it as a post out of chronological order. We think of it as, well a page. But largely, it’s defined by what it doesn’t have: all the usual trappings of a blog post.

Except comments. Sometimes pages have comments. I don’t like them there. You might one day. So we’ll have to deal with that somehow. How about with … custom fields. If you want comments on a page you can add a custom field with Name and Value of “comments” to your page. Sounds good to me.

Here’s what you’ll need to for a perfect WordPress Page Template:

How To Create a WordPress Theme

This post is part of a WordPress Themes Tutorial that will show you how to create a powerful WordPress Theme from scratch. Read it from the beginning and code yourself up something awesome.

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